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 Merluza Hair and Beauty looks for experienced Stylists and Beauty Therapists that are highly qualified and have a passion for their profession (must have a minimum of 5 years experience).


We request that any applicatants have a minimum five years experience before applying for Beauty Therapist or Stylist roles, unless they are looking for an apprenticeship.

The neccessary standards for any member of the Merluza Team:

  • A person must be adaptable, the salon is a fast paced, quick changing environment, not only on a day to day basis but on a long term basis. We must not only adapt to the needs of each indivdual client but must keep up to date with rapidly changing trends and fashions.
  • To be confident is always a characteristic that will help further your career within the salon, a client must feel comfortable around you, you must be able to help them feel relaxed and in safe hands, it is our job to care for the client, thus you must be confident in your actions of doing so.
  • Character is one of highest values of our team members, we are all charasmatic and enjoy displaying this in our work and our individual approaches to clients. Charasmatic team members make for a well rounded and interesting working environment of which we can learn from each other.
  • Education is also key within the salon; we are all constantly learning, as the Salon Director has previously been a lecturer for Wella we are exceedingly lucky to be able to learn from her, and reguarly attend seminars inside and outside the salon, hence any applicants would need a keeness to learn and a good work ethic. As we often have training days within the salon applicants must be energetic and ready for a hands on education that will teach them to develop any pre-existing techniques and grow as a stylist or therapist.


We sadly don't take work experience, although we do have hairdressing apprentiship opportunities for school leavers. 


If you are looking for a Saturday job or a full time position 

send us a CV to our email address:



or bring it personally to the salon:


Merluza Hair and Beauty

1571 Stratford Road 
Robin Hood Island

Hall Green


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