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                  Gents Price List


Gents Cut and Finish                 £23.50

Gents Tidy and Finish                £15.00


Gents Clipper Work                   £10.00




                 Face and Body



Hopi Ear Candles                                           £25.00
45 Minute treatment, we use traditional ear
candles from Native American Hopi Indians of
North Arizona. there made with woven linen
together with bee's wax, honey, sage and
camomile. This will filter out the impuritities from
your ear, nose and throat. Helps to rebalance.


Microdermabrasion                                       £42.00
This Facial helps to restore and rejuvenate the
skins collagen and elastin. Helping to remove dead
skin cells, black heads, pigmentation, dark circles,
puffy eyes and fine lines and wrinkles. Giving
an overall clear skin.





Sienna X ManTan                       

Half body tan                                £15.00

Full body tan                                £21.00

         TOPMAN-icures & Pedicures


MAN-icures                                  £24.00
1 Hour Treatment, Exfoliation,
file and buff the nails, push back
the cuticles, hand massage, mask
treatments with heated mitts
finishing with a polished or matte
finish protein to strengthen.


Pedicures                                     £26.00
1 Hour 15 minute treatment, soak,
exfoliate, cut/shape and buff nails,
foot and ankle massage, mask
treatment using heated boots
with polished or matte finish
protein to strengthen.

                   Gents Waxing

Chest                                           £21.00

Shoulders                                 £15.00
Eye Brow                                  £8.00
Beard                                         £8.00



Pre-Tatoo Waxing
Leg                                              £15.00
Arm                                          £15.00
Body                                         £15.00
Treatment Prices are dependant on area


Eyebrows                         £6.00
Beard                                 £9.00
Side Burn                        £6.00

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